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United States
Current Residence: Minnesota
I see the planes flying over my head
Discovering bruises over again
Waiting for a note that never comes
Watch the wind blowing the world undone
I see the water on the lake's (last/left) shore
Coughed it all up but you still demand more
Can't see a thing through the (blurry/covered) glass
Maybe distraction can help make it last

But honey, you know
It's hard for me to let (it/things) go
And honey, you've seen
Firsthand how hard living is for me
And honey, you're fine
If you want to come around this time
And honey, I don't
Want you to think you can leave me alone

I see the sun setting behind the hill
(Reaching/Stretching) out, I can('t) touch it still
If I blink (it's/we're) (done/gone) so I won't close my eyes
They've (swollen/watered) up so bad, I can't recognize
I see the stoplights flashing bright at e
Confused as ever, it's a mystery
We start to move, a lazy Susan spinning slow
And I can't run, full circle is when I'll go


I see your face coming (closer/clearer) now
I should push you away, but I don't know how
Can't make myself hold it in today
You know you broke me, you should (notice/see it) anyway
I see a path leading to nowhere
Want a way out?  You won't find it there
Markings on myself (that) I have made
I may grow taller but they'll always stay


Oh what, oh what would make this better
Get out, get out of our lives
And yet, and yet (don't want to/you make me) regret
Don't make this a goodbye


And honey, I don't
Want you to ever leave me alone
And honey, I don't
Want you to ever leave me alone


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aceofspades51692 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2009  Student Photographer
Thanks for the bajillions of faves!
The-Insane-Feminine Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2009
Mei after seeing the 19 new deviations in her inbox - "Hmmm. Gracen must have signed on."
your-username-here Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2009
Ohh, you are too funny. :P
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Merci beaucoup for the fav!:peace:
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thanks for the fav! :D
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